Custom footboard on a Big Bounder
footbaord folding up and down
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Narrow custom footboard
Narrow custom footboard flipped down

Narrow custom footboard flipped up
Narrow custom footboard flipped up


animaton of elevating footboard
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21st Century Scientific's Custom Power Elevating, Articulating Center Mount Footboard (CUS PEACM FB) can be installed on all BOUNDER models. This option allows a center mount footboard to be elevated through the use of a toggle switch located on the arm of the chair (or through the joystick if UE1G PSSV is ordered). It includes an actuator that elevates the footboard to a semi elevated position; articulating the footboard forward as it elevates to reduce pressure on the knees.  Full elevation cannot be achieved with this option. CUS PEACM FB can be ordered by itself but is frequently ordered as part of a power recline and/or tilt system.  When ordering specify the width of the footboard to the nearest inch.  The angle of the footboard can be adjusted by the dealer or user by turning the adjustment bolt on the back of the footboard.  



    • STD TS CTRL – Standard toggle switch control. Move the spring loaded center off toggle switch in one direction to raise a footboard; move it in the other direction to return the footboard to the normal lowered position.
    • UE1G PSSV JOYSTICK PSS CTRL – Joystick Control of Power Seating System through the UE1G Variable Speed Power Seating System Module.  Allows user to proportionally control up to eight different actuators through the joystick. Speed and direction of movement are controlled by joystick position. Control is very smooth and actuator jerking is eliminated. A bi-directional select switch chooses which power seating function is being controlled by the joystick.


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