Allows power wheelchair users to drain leg bags without assistance at the flip of a switch!

  • Fast! - Drains a medium size bag in about 15 seconds
  • Manual Release Tab – A lever allows an attendant to drain the bag manually if the switch, solenoid or other electrical component fails to operate.
  • No Valve Flushing (Cleaning) Is Required – All fluid remains inside the latex drain tube and never touches internal valve components. This valve simply clamps the drain tube, eliminating the frequent disassembly and cleaning associated with competitive products.
  • No Separate Batteries and Charger is Necessary – This system connects to the wheelchair batteries. No separate batteries to charge and no need to worry if valve will have sufficient power to operate.
  • No Valve Dangling On Leg Bag Tubing – Valve is mounted on an ankle strap (or footplate); no tension is placed on the leg bag drain tube; no need to worry about unpleasant accidents.
  • Easy Daily Hookup & Removal – Just wrap strap around ankle, attach leg wire, and install drain tube extension through valve pinchers. Reverse to remove.
  • Conveniently Located Control Switch – Attaches around any 7/8” diameter tubing; choose from standard toggle switch or optional push button.
  • Rugged – System can operate for years with little maintenance or repair.
  • ECU Port Option – Available for 21st UE1 Series electronics as well as other manufacturer's electronics.
  • Optional Footplate Adapter - For installing the pinch valve on the footplate.
  • Includes 6-Month Warranty

Electric Leg Bag Emptier 2 Electric Leg Bag Emptier 2

Can Be Installed On Most Power Wheelchairs

The Electric Leg Bag Emptier 2 allows the user to drain his/her leg bag without assistance. This package includes a 24 volt electric pinch valve, usually attached to an ankle strap that is worn around the user's ankle. A drain tube extension is attached to the end of the leg bag drain tube and is pinched by the valve. The system includes a momentary toggle switch that can be mounted anywhere on the wheelchair tubing and a fused battery cable. The switch and the valve both include quick disconnect Anderson connectors so that the valve and the wheelchair arms can be easily removed after the system is installed. The leg bag drain tube easily threads through the pinch valve. Comes with a six month warranty. Leg bag is not included. The Electric Leg Bag Emptier 2 can also be configured to be controlled through most other wheelchair electronics with ECU ports.

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