Gun Mount with Rifle Rest

Easy to install

The gun mount, rifle rest can be installed on most Bounder Power Wheelchairs at time of construction. A 1" diameter square receiver is welded into the seat frame providing a structurally strong attachment point with no movement. This 1" diameter receiver can be used to mount other items such as knee blocks, lap trays, etc. when the gun mount is not attached.

The adjustable Gun Mount and Rifle Rest allows power wheelchair users to enjoy the sport of shooting or hunting by providing a secure method of holding and adjusting a long gun or rifle. The mount attaches to the wheelchair by utilizing a 1" diameter receiver with an easy-to-secure locking bolt utilizing a ratcheting handle. The vertical mast pivots on 1" ID diameter ball bearing base allowing the mount to easily move from left to right. The extension arms permit the gun rest to be adjusted in and out so as to locate the rifle in a comfortable position. The vertical mast provides several inches of adjustment to bring the rifle to a comfortable position for most people no matter their height. Atop the mast, there is a course angle setting allowing a quick adjustment of the rifle angle. After the rifle angle is set close to correct, the fine tune angle adjustment on the rifle rest can be used to sight in the rifle.

The padded rifle rest securely captures the base of the rifle and cradles the front stock of the rifle to prevent movements. Most rifles will fit in its universal design. The Gun mount is made of thick steel and TIG Welded to provide a secure and solid rest that will handle high powered rifles. This secure mounting system takes the recoil of the rifle and distributes it into the chair thus reducing shoulder fatigue. Very little movement ocures upon firing and after the shot, a rapid sight picture can be achieved with minimal adjustment.

The gun mount and rifle rest break down into three separate pieces for easy transport and storage which can be done without hand tools. Quick adjust ratcheting handles are used at most adjustment and securement points. The rifle rest is removed from the mast of the mount, then the mast is separated and the top part is removed. Finally the base can be removed from the receiver on the chair.

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