High Speed Package


Real Performance
with Top Speeds Up to 8.5 mph

When you own a BOUNDER, the days of having others wait for you to catch up while you are driving a slow power chair are over! Speed when you need it with accurate control all the time. Don't settle for less!

Add some fun back into your life. Do people buy sports cars because they need to go fast? Not really; they buy them because they are FUN to drive. The BOUNDER gives you the felling of a sports car in a power wheelchair. Choose a power wheelchair that can keep up with the rest of the world and be enjoyable to drive.

You may not need to drive 8.5 MPH all the time, but there are times when you can benefit from a fast power chair. For example, when crossing large intersections. If you are in a high speed BOUNDER Power Chair, you could use that speed to safely get across the street before the traffic starts moving. Do you need to traverse a large campus? College students and employees of large businesses located on a campus will appreciate the speed provided by the BOUNDER Power Wheelchair to arrive on time for class or a meeting. Go to the store or visit a friend and cut your travel time by half or more!

Did you think that you can no longer play sports? Not only does the BOUNDER help you excel in power hockey, power soccer and tennis, but also select models can allow you to enjoy regular sports such as dog agility. The high speed BOUNDER will enable you to enjoy many activities that you thought were no longer avaiable and give you a competitive advantage.

Judy Guillot doing Dog Agility
Judy Guillot doing Dog Agility in her BOUNDER Power Wheelchair

Zippy on an Aframe
Philippa using her BOUNDER and her dog Zippy in a dog agility competition

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