Dual Independent Power Elevating Legrests

21st Century Scientific's Dual Independent Power Elevating Legrests (DIPLR) can be installed on all BOUNDER models. DIPLR includes two actuators, one on each side, that move the legrests separately for independent operation, or together for combined operation. This system includes two switches in a control box. DIPLR can be ordered by itself but is frequently ordered as part of a power recline and/or tilt system. For chairs with 3 or 4 power seating actuators, switch control boxes with 3 or 4 switches, respectively, are provided. DIPLR can also be ordered with JOYSTICK PSS CTRL (joystick control of power seating system). For users up to 400 lbs.


Power Seating Switch Boxes
Power Seating System Switch Boxes

STD TS PSS CTRL - Standard two switch toggle switch control. Move either of the spring loaded center off toggle switch in one direction to elevate the legrest; move it in the other direction to lower the legrest.

JOYSTICK PSS CTRL - Joystick Control of Power Seating System. Allows user to proportionally control up to six different actuators through the joystick. Speed and direction of movement are controlled by joystick position. Control is very smooth and actuator jerking is eliminated. A bi-directional select switch chooses which power seating function is being controlled by the joystick.

DIPLR HD - Heavy Duty Dual Independent Power Elevating Legrests (similar to DIPLR above but stronger). For users who weigh over 400 lbs.