Improves Traction and Ride Comfort

Independent Drive Wheel Suspension (IDWS)
BOUNDER Plus H-Frame Power Wheelchair with HVLP Off-Road Package combined with IDWS.

Combination Gas Shock and Coil Spring Design is strong, durable and simple, providing the user a smooth, low-maintenance car-like ride.

Independent Swing Arms feature more than 2 inches of shock absorbing vertical movement on each drive wheel. This option will dramatically reduce the jarring one feels when going over bumps. It is a "must have" option for people with chronic back pain. Whether you drive your BOUNDER in an urban, suburban or rural setting, the Independent Drive Wheel Suspension Option will make your trip much more comfortable.

Interchangeable Coil Springs are available to optimize the ride for different weight users. The shock absorbers also feature a Dampening Adjustment to allow users to adjust the firmness of the ride.


The video above shows how the IDWS Suspension compensating for uneven terrain, keeping each rear wheel in contact with the ground.

IDWS in Action
BOUNDER Plus H-Frame Power Wheelchair with IDWS, showing swing arms and shocks in action.

The high quality oil dampened shocks are adjustable by changing the coil spring tension and rebound adjustment. This allows users to perfectly match the suspension to improve comfort and traction. The independent swing arm design keeps traction on ground in uneven terrain. Whether you are going through grass or trail riding, this is ideal for users who plan on driving off the pavement. It also greatly improves ride quality on high performance chairs configured to go fast, IDWS suspension absorbs cracks in the sidewalk and most other uneven surfaces you might encounter. Especially beneficial on higher voltage chairs where top speeds are usually higher then normal.

IDWS can also be combined with the HVLP Off-Road package
BOUNDER Plus H-Frame Power Wheelchair with HVLP Off-Road Package combined with IDWS.

Independent Drive Wheel Suspension (IDWS) option adds swing arms and oil dampened adjustable coil over shocks to the rear of the Bounder Plus or Big Bounder H-Frame Power Wheelchair. It greatly improves ride comfort and improves traction. The standard overall chair width from outside of drive tire to outside of drive tire is 25.5". In order to achieve this overall width, a group 24 battery box must be installed. If range is a concern, consider ordering a 24V 100Ahr Lithium Battery. The 24V 100Ahr Lithium battery can be installed in the Group 24 battery box and provides significantly more range (more than two group 27 batteries). If a group 27 battery box is installed, the overall base width becomes 28.5" wide from outside of drive tire to outside of drive tire.

Recaro seating on Suspension H-Frame
BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with Recaro® seat and rear suspension

BOUNDER Plus H-Frame 48V High Performance Option with IDWS
BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with 48V High Performance Package & IDWS



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