Power Standing Option

Up to 11.6 MPH top speed *
(for users up to 250 lb)

worker standing using Bounder Plus

When Do You Want to Stand?

  • Work
  • Sporting Event
  • Kitchen
  • Night Club
  • Lecturing
  • Cafeteria
  • Shopping
  • Courtroom
  • Social Function
  • Concert
  • Restroom
  • ...whenever!
Standing chair animation


reaching a tall cabinet using standing option
Bounder Plus in down position Bounder Plus partially reclined
Standing facilitates independence and freedom. The ability to stand is essential to becoming an active participant in today's society. Whether at home or at work, there is much to experience above the seated level. The power standing option aids in the performance of daily activities normally done by a standing person. This may facilitate getting back to work. It can also save money by reducing modifications to the home and work environments. In the seated position the BOUNDER Plus is the fastest standing chair on the market with a top speed up to 11.6 mph*.
Bounder Plus reclined standing position Bounder Plus standing straight up
All Standard Features of the BOUNDER Plus H-Frame and…
  • Power Standing System with 2 actuators.
  • STS (seat-to-stand) actuator moves user from seated to standing position, and vice-versa.
  • SA (standing angle) actuator adjusts the angle of the standing position from about 30 degrees to within 8 degrees of vertical.
  • In the seated position, the SA actuator controls reverse tilt. This moves the user forward to access items in front of him and also aids in transferring to and from the chair.
  • Ability to drive at slow speeds when standing.
  • Flip up foot board and knee support.
  • Self supporting flip up arms - can be moved out of the way to allow unobstructed arm movement.
  • Optional through-the-joystick control of power standing system - allows both actuators to be moved very smoothly at the same time with precision proportional control.
  • When seated, drives like a normal BOUNDER Plus with little compromise in performance and durability.
Bounder Plus seat tilted forward
  • Increases the probability of returning to work.
  • Improves function at school.
  • Facilitates daily activities in the home.
  • Improves self esteem by being eye-to-eye with peers.
  • Saves money by reducing modifications to the home and work environments.
  • Allows a person in a wheelchair to perform many of the same tasks that a standing person can perform.
Employee giving lecture standing via Bounder Plus
Employee filing top drawer using Bounder Plus

*11.6 MPH while seated. For safety, only lower speeds are allowed while standing.

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BOUNDER Plus Standing Option

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