RECARO® Orthopedically-Correct Power Seating Systems
Installed on the BOUNDER Power Wheelchairs

21st Century Scientific Inc. has combined the speed and durability of the BOUNDER Power Wheelchair with the clean lines and contemporary styling of the Recaro® Power Seating System. Recaro® seating, long considered to be the world's finest, has been designed in conjunction with leading orthopedic and ergonomic experts to reduce user stress and strain. BOUNDER & Recaro® mean a wheelchair built with quality, comfort, safety and style. Quite simply, this is the Very Best! Demand the BOUNDER power wheelchair with Recaro® seating for a superior power chair - don't settle for less.

BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with Recaro ®  seat and rear suspension

BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with Recaro® seat, rear suspension plus

a power elevating and articulating center mount footboard

BOUNDER Plus H frame with Recaro® seating rear/side viewBOUNDER Plus H frame with Recaro® seating side view


Recaro® "Ergomed ES" Standard Features:

  • Climate Control (seat heating and venting)
  • DX-ACC1 24-to-12 volt converter with power switch
  • Airmatic Power Lumbar System (operated by switches)
  • Power Recliner
  • Power Tilt/Seat Height (1.5" Rake) Adjustment
  • Manually Adjustable Seat Depth
  • Manually Adjustable Headrest
  • Standard wheelchair style arms (see arm section for details; some limitations exist)
  • Swing Away Detachable Footrests
  • Back Pocket
  • Available in Black, Blue, Beige or Gray Nardo and Artista combination fabric upholstery.
Recaro® Black Artista Fabric upholstery
Recaro® Black Nardo and Artista fabric upholstery, standard.
Other fabric colors and leather are available.
Contact the factory for a price quote.


Recaro® control panel
Recaro® ES control panel can be ordered on either the left or the right side panel of the seat.

Recaro® Options:

Recaro® optional arms
Recaro® optional arms in flipped up position
Recaro® optional flip up arms can be added to the Recaro® seat.
The arms flip up to allow for side transfers into the chair.

Climate Control System

The climate control system includes seat heating and the Recaro® Vent. The seat heating system, found in both the seat and back cushion, is always a welcome relief on a cold winter morning. In addition, seat heating can stimulate blood circulation in the lower legs and back.

The Recaro® Vent System is built into the seat back and seat cushion, and is designed to draw moisture (perspiration) away from the user without exposing him or her to unnecessary drafts

Pictured below is a Leather Recaro® ES seat on a BOUNDER Plus H-Frame

BOUNDER Plus with Recaro, PSE2, RPTS, DIPLR
This chair features:

Video: Power Seat elevating

Animated gif of seat elevator and reverse tilt functions

Video: Reverse Tilt

Recaro@ ES with 30 degree  power tilt
Recaro® ES with 30 degree power tilt installed
on a BOUNDER Plus H-Frame Power Chair

Big BOUNDER conventional frame with Recaro® ES seating
BIG BOUNDER Conventional Frame with Recaro® "Ergomed ES"


Bounder with leather Recaro® seat, tilt and recline animation

BOUNDER Plus Conventional Frame with Leather Recaro® seat, custom chin control with remote display, 30 degree power tilt system seat plus dual independent elevating leg rests and optional Recaro® arms.

Bounder with leather Recaro® seat, chin control & remote display

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