Bounder Plus with seat elevator at Yellowstone Park

Wheelchair users know how frustrating it is to always be at a seated height. Wouldn't it be great to bring your eyes to standing height? Converse with others eye to eye? Reach things that a standing person takes for granted! Take charge of your envirnoment with a BOUNDER equipped with our Power Seat Elevator.This option allows users better access to their environment. With the PSE2 option, the user can reach top drawers of a file cabinet, kitchen cabinets, high shelves and so forth. They will be able to see the food that is being offered at the cafeteria, reach merchandise on display racks, etc.

Power Seat Elevator 2 (PSE2) uses a scissor lift mechanism and is available on the all BOUNDER Chairs. The seat, back, arms and front rigging all elevate together. The PSE2 can elevate up to 13" (33.02cm)* bringing the user to standing eye level. Even more impressive, most users under 250 lbs can drive the chair in the raised position. Limited speed, operation on level ground, and good judgment are of course required.

Enjoying the view using BOUNDER seat elevator
BOUNDER customer enjoying the view using the seat elevator

Toggle switch control is standard. Optional Through-The-Joystick control of the power seat elevator is available. Many power seating systems are available with the PSE2. It can be combined with tilt, recline, and/or power elevating legrests.

A complete drive lockout is available if you do not want to have the ability to drive the chair while elevated. Slow and medium speed drive lockouts are also available allowing the user to drive the chair while elevated but at slower speeds. This may be required on certain combination seating systems and for users weighing over 250 lb. Also, the elevation is reduced to 8” (20.32 cm) for users over 250 lbs. The PSE2 is not available for uses over 500 lb.

*There are some weight/height limitations, so be sure to check with the factory as to the maximum height for a particular the user's weight.

Power Seat animated gif
PSE2 in down position
PSE2 on BOUNDER Plus H- Frame
PSE2 in up position
PSE2 on BOUNDER Plus H-Frame in up position
PSE2 in up and tilt position
PSE2 on BOUNDER Plus H-Frame in up position with seat tilt option

Demonstration video of the PSE2 elevator seat driving fast in the up position. The chair is very stable. Note: we do not condone reckless driving of power wheelchairs, please use good judgement when driving in the elevated position.
Yellow Seat Elevator

Power Seat Elevator Options

  • JOYSTICK PSS CTRL – Through-the-Joystick Control of Power Seating System. Allows user to proportionally control up to six different actuators through the joystick. Speed and direction of movement are controlled by joystick position. Control is very smooth and actuator jerking is eliminated. A bi-directional select switch chooses which power seating function is being controlled by the joystick.
  • PSS HD - Power Seating System Heavy Duty Upgrade (for users between 250 and 400 lbs). 8” maximum elevation.
  • PSS XHD - Power Seating System Xtra Heavy Duty Upgrade (for users above 400 lbs). 8” maximum elevation.
  • ELEVATE LO - Power Seat Elevator Lockout (prevents chair from moving or reduces the chair speed when the seat is elevated).
Red Conventional Frame with PSE2 Elevate option
This BOUNDER conventional style frame (above) has a PSE 2 (Power Seat Elevator)

BOUNDER Plus H- Frame with 21st's Captain Chair

PSE 2 with Captain's Chair in down position
PSE2 Captain's seat, elevated
PSE2 Captain's seat elevated and tilted
PSE2 on BOUNDER Plus with captain's seat and tilt options

The Bounder Plus H-frame chair above features 21st Century's own comfortable Captain's chair seating with PSE 2 power seat elevator and an additional tilt seat option. The comfortable Captain's chair seat is made to your size specifications and can be added to almost all BOUNDER chairs. Style, comfort and function makes this chair an excellent choice.

Off Road BOUNDER with PSE2
PSE2 Option with a Captain's Seat and our "Off Road" option package.

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