Power Front Load System (PFLS)

(for users up to 200 lb)

Power Front Load System extend out and down
BOUNDER Plus with Front Load System extended out and down
PFLS: Greater Independence and Improved Lifestyle

21st Century SCIENTIFIC'S Power Front Load (Latitude) System (PFLS) can be installed on the BOUNDER Plus H-frame Power Chair. With a Power Front Load System the user can extend the seat forward and lower it to the ground, reducing the effective seat-to-floor height. The arms and front rigging move with the seat. This allows for easier transferring into and out of the chair and gives the user the ability to reach things on the floor. Great for double amputees, people with deformed lower extremities or who are short in stature.
Front Load with optional seat elevator and tilt

Power Front Load System can be combined with Power Seat Elevator 2 (PSE2) and Power Tilt System (PTS). Some limitations apply:  The user cannot operate the elevate or tilt options when the seat is extended forward and cannot extend the seat forward if elevated or tilted. The user cannot drive the chair when the seat is extended forward.

Seat height and range of motion will vary depending on chair configuration, contact the factory for more information.

Front Load with custom center mount adjustable footboard
BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with Power Front Load in driving position
and optional custom center mount adjustable footboard


CUS CM FB - Custom center mount, angle adjustable footboard. (pictured above).

SS ADJ ARM - Desk or full length self-supporting adjustable arms (flip up, no arm panels). Includes clamp on backpost mount with anti-rotation rib. For non-reclining back chairs.

HEADREST - RPTS does not include a headrest. Since most users do require a headrest, be sure to order one if you need it. Many styles are available; adjustable center post headrests are the most popular.

STD TS PSS CTRL - Standard toggle switch control. Move the spring loaded center off toggle switch in one direction to tilt the seat up; move it in the other direction to return the seat to the normal driving position.

JOYSTICK PSS CTRL - Joystick Control of Power Seating System. Allows user to proportionally control up to six different actuators through the joystick. Speed and direction of movement are controlled by joystick position. Control is very smooth and actuator jerking is eliminated. A bi-directional select switch chooses which power seating function is being controlled by the joystick.

JS & TS TILT CTRL - Joystick and Toggle Switch Control of Reverse Tilt. Toggle switch is usually placed near the rear of the left or right arm to facilitate return to upright position when back is fully tilted.

TILT LO - Power Tilt System Lockout (prevents chair from moving when seat is tilted)

PSS HD - Power Seating System Heavy Duty Upgrade (for users between 250 and 400 lbs). Sometimes the amount of tilt is limited.

PSS XHD - Power Seating System Xtra Heavy Duty Upgrade (for users above 400 lbs). Usually the amount of tilt is limited to 30 degrees.

Below are pictures of just a few examples of the BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with Power Front Load System:

Playing with a dog in a Front Load seat on BOUNDER Plus H-frame
Transfering into a car using the Front Load System
Picking up a dropped letter at the mail box using the Front Load System

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