When Time Counts!

Helio Gurney in front of helicopter

Heliport Patient Transport Power Gurneys provide a safe and rapid way of moving patients from heliport to hospital emergency room. Only one trauma team member is necessary to transport a patient on a BOUNDER Plus Power Gurney. A height adjustable joystick at the rear of the gurney controls speed and direction. No shoving, pushing or pulling the gurney needed! Even bariatric patients up to 1000 pounds can be accommodated with upgrade options.

Nick on Heli-pad with gurney


Nick operating gurney


Reduce Workplace Injuries – Trauma team members may experience sore backs and other stresses when moving patients from the heliport into the hospital. Power gurneys can reduce the occurrence of these work-related injuries and the resulting workman’s compensation claims.*


Improved Efficiency –Once the patient is transferred onto the gurney only one team member is needed to move him into the hospital. The attendant control located at the rear of the gurney proportionally controls the power to the wheels, propelling the gurney in the direction the joystick is deflected. Proportional control means that the further the joystick is deflected, the faster the gurney travels.

Reduced Liability & Increased Patient Safety – The Heliport Patient Transport Power Gurney can improve patient and attendant safety. One attendant can safely transport even bariatric patients** up and down hills and ramps. Controlling the gurney with the attendant control is easy and safe. If the attendant releases the control stick for any reason while underway, the gurney will come to a stop and the brakes will be automatically applied. The brakes will securely hold the gurney and prevent it from rolling out of control. When the control stick is once again deflected, the brakes are released and the gurney will travel in the direction that the stick is deflected.
** Bariatric upgrade options required

Speed and Safety When Time Counts – The BOUNDER Plus Power Gurney can travel up to 11.6 mph. If there is a substantial distance between helicopter and emergency room this gurney can significantly reduce transport time ... time that is critical for patient care and survival. Up to six different drive programs can be easily selected by the operator including slower speed programs to provide safe operation in confined areas where high speeds are inappropriate.

Lighting, Alarms and Horn – Heliport Transport Power Gurneys come standard with taillights. Headlamp, alarm tones and horn are optional. Flashing and panic switch options are also available.

Fold-Down Side Rails – When the side rails are in the up position they provide added safety. They also fold down fully and are out of the way when moving a patient on and off the gurney.

fold down side rail animation
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Optional Power Elevating Mattress Height – There are many models of helicopters used to transport patients to the hospital, each having a different deck height. The power elevating mattress allows the gurney height to be adjusted to the height of the incoming helicopter quickly and easily, thereby facilitating rapid safe patient transfer. Up to 20” of power adjustment is available.

Gurney at open helicopter

700 & 1000 lb Weight Capacity Options – Bariatric upgrade options allow safe transport of bariatric patients using only one attendant. (Power elevating mattress height adjustment range is reduced on these models.)

Additional options and features can be added, contact the factory.


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