Big Bounder H-Frame with 13" Seat Elevator

 Nearly any size H-Frame Power Chair you need!

What seat width H-frame powerchair are you looking for?
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Seat width

Seat depth

15" to 26"

Seat height

21" is standard; 18" to 20"
22" to 27" at additional cost

Back height

16" standard for non-reclining backs
24" standard for recliners
18" and 24" standard for tilt systems
custom back heights and back bend heights available at additional cost

H-frame with 13" seat elevator at Mt. Rushmore
Ronald E. Prior, Ph.D. models BIG BOUNDER H-frame
with 13" seat elevator at Mt. Rushmore


H-Frame Power Seating & Power Legrest Systems

Power seating systems available: Standing Option, recline, tilt, seat elevate, and power headrest
Dual independent power elevating legrests (DIPLR)
Toggle switch or optional through-the-joystick proportional control

BOUNDER Plus and BIG BOUNDER H-Frame Power Chairs are truly high performance!

Fast! Configured for 9.1, 10.0 or 10.8 MPH top speed for most users. Slower speeds can be easily configured and programmed.

Extended Range! Large, sliding dual group 27 battery box provides additional range (over 40 miles per charge under ideal conditions; over 25 miles per charge in typical use).* Group 27 batteries are the largest in use on power wheelchairs and are readily available.

* Actual range may vary. Bariatric patients, aggressive drivers, and/or those who frequently drive on carpets or off-road terrain may experience a significant reduction in range. Low tire pressure, weak battery condition, and/or poor overall chair maintenance may also contribute to reduced range. Always maintain your chair in good working order, properly charge or replace your batteries when appropriate, and maintain your pneumatic tire pressure between 50-60 lbs per square inch for best results.

Check out these standard features!

  • Durable H-style frame uses 2.5" x 1.5" x 0.125" wall steel - TIG welded for superior strength

  • 0.120" wall steel seat rails and back posts - for extra strong seat and back

  • Super Torque 3 motors and brakes standard

  • Quiet non-slip Panther synchronous drive belt system - won't slip in rain and snow; similar to those used on many motorcycles

  • Sliding dual group 27 battery box - for extended range

  • Super Duty 12 position adjustable suspension forks - with oversized 5/8" diameter bearings and fork stems

  • Sheet metal pan seat

  • Super Duty sling back upholstery - double liner, cap, and web strap under every screw; attached with machine screws

  • Detachable desk length arms

  • Reinforced arm mounts

  • Anti-tipping wheelie wheels

  • Quick adjust clutches - combination belt tensioner and belt release mechanism

  • UE1G electronics - 6 programs, power and select switches, battery condition meter, diagnostics, and more

  • Electric brake control - drive chair / set brakes (for pin point stops on hills and lifts)

  • Smart electric brake release - operate chair/release brakes (for easy pushing by an attendant)

  • 9" x 3.50" steel caster wheels - excellent on most surfaces including grass and dirt roads

  • 12.75" x 4.00" steel drive wheels - available with smooth or knobby treads

  • Built in taillights included - turn on and off with chair power (turn on and off with light switch if headlight ordered)

  • Very stable rear wheel drive - does not fishtail at high speeds

  • Durable black powder coated frame

  • Fully automatic 8A dual mode battery charger - charges both gel-cell and standard lead acid batteries

  • Detailed Owner's Manual

  • Easy to service and maintain

And these popular H-Frame Power Chair options!

  • UE1G PSSV - Variable Speed Power Seating System Module provides through-the-joystick power seating and ECU control

  • UE1G programmer - for use by dealer or user to customize electronic settings

  • Power 700 / Power 1000 options - to increase max user weight to 700 / 1000 lbs, respectively (BIG BOUNDER only)

  • Colored (non-black) frame - red baron, blue streak, evergreen, yellow, light gray, sky white, teal, lavender, hot pink, & custom

  • Many different hand control and hand control mounting options, including chin and attendant controls

  • Specialty controls - sip & puff, switch controls, head arrays, etc.; DX and/or ASL

  • Headlamp and switch - to light up the road

  • Automatic 12A dual mode battery charger

  • Many accessories - horn, rear view mirror, fan, electric leg bag emptier

  • Plus many more options too numerous to list!


* 2 YEAR warranty on entire BOUNDER Plus
* 1 YEAR warranty on entire BIG BOUNDER
* 5 YEAR warranty on Super Torque 3 motor & brake drive trains**
* 10 YEAR warranty on H-frame base & 5 YEAR warranty on
             H-frame seat for BOUNDER Plus
* 5 YEAR warranty on H-frame base & 2 YEAR
            warranty on H-frame seat for BIG BOUNDER
* 3 year extended warranty on BOUNDER Plus
             (2 and 3 year on BIG BOUNDER)-available

*Limited warranties - some restrictions apply. See complete warranty for more information
** Includes motors, brakes, drive wheels, drive wheel pulleys/sprockets (drive belts, tires, motor pulleys/sprockets, inner tubes and bearings not included).

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