Robert Tomlinson's Amazing Invention

Robert lifting weights

Robert wrote to us:

This is my pride and joy, my amazing invention. I finally got a decent photo of the beast and hopefully there will be more to come. There is a 10" MTX subwoffer on the back of the battery box-two-240 watt pioneer speakers on each side, a 6 cd changer dvd {the box you see on the right front above the joystick) The headlights are blue and the tailights are white. If you look carefully enough you can see orange turn signals mounted in the back too. Normallly, I have chrome rims for the wheels but I was goin kinda fast and they fell off so I'm tryin to get them redone. By the way, this chair weighs 514 lbs {coming from the factory it weighed 380) and it tops out at a brutal 21.5 mph on level surace and nearly 25 mph on a downhill. The gears have been modified to insanity. My beast will be going to the annual car show in Carlisle, Pensylvania to go on display. Hopefully while it is there I can pick up some sponsorships to pay for all of these modifications. Nevertheless, in the future I hope to install a Recaro seating system, put independent suspension and jack the entire chair up with big knobby tires, increase the length of the hydralic seat elevating pole to make it rise up father, mount an alternator to avoid battery issues and lastly build a riding platform on the back that sits on shocks so girls can stand and ride with me.

Robert in his Bounder Plus

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this photo take care~ Rob