Judy Guillot and her Agility Dogs Simone and Thais
March 19th and 20th, 2005, AKC Agility Trial Tucson, Arizona. Your Webmaster, Susy Harris, and CEO, Ronald Prior, had the pleasure of meeting Judy Guillot. We were able to watch her run her Toy Fox Terriers, Simone and Thais. Judy told us that she tried just about every other brand of power wheelchair, but none of them compared to the Bounder for the performance and the torque she needs on the agility field. In her bright red Bounder chair with a center mounted joystick, Judy "ran" through the courses and directed her dogs with ease. Here are a few pictures from a very fun weekend!
Meet Judy and Simone
Judy and Simone
Simone takes a jump.
Simone takes a jump
Simone climbs the A-Frame
Simone climbs the A-Frame
Judy directs Simone to the tunnel. Simone circled in red.
Simone heads for tunnel
Go Weave!
Simone in weave poles
Judy and Thais play before their run.
Judy and Thais get ready to run
Judy directs Thais to the next obstacle.
Go Thais
Thais follows Judy's lead
Thasi just jumped

Judy and Simone pose with Susy Harris and Ron Prior
Judy and Simone pose with Susy Harris (webmaster) and Ronald Prior, CEO