Debi Davis in her "Screaming Yellow Zonker" with her dog Peek
Carrying the Olympic Torch!

Debi and Peek carrying Olympic Torch

On February 21, 2002 Debi sent us this wonderful picture and an update of her adventures with her dogs and her Screaming Yellow Zonker Bounder Power Wheelchair:


I thought you might like to swap pictures with one of the pictures of me
and my wonderful Bounder in your gallery.

Here's a shot of us carrying the Olympic Torch. I can't be absolutely
sure, but to the best of my knowledge, I was the only Olympic
Torchbearer to be using a BOUNDER.

The Bounder will also be shown extensively in an upcoming episode of
"Dogs with Jobs", which airs in the USA on the "Oxygen" cable channel.
It's episode #11, and we're the lead feature. The chair should look
REALLY good in the footage!

I love this chair SOOOOOO much! There is one shot of me barreling around the corner in the Bounder, with all four Papillon service dogs out in front on long leashes. It should really look neat.

Debi Davis with dog Peek
Debbie and Peek

Debi Wrote:

Thought you might like to add these pictures to your satisfied customer gallery.

My Bounder Plus (named and lettered on the frame "The Screaming Yellow Zonker") has totally changed my life, allowing me freedom and reliability coupled with durability and speed I require while training service dogs.

The picture with one dog only in it shows my assistance dog "Peek", the 1999 National Service Dog of the Year, the first time in history a toy breed dog has won this most coveted award. His life is better now that I have a chair fast enough to keep up with him during exercise runs!

This is the most responsive powerchair I have ever driven, bar none. Now if it would only go 20 miles per hour instead of 11.6.......<G>

Gratefully Yours
Debi Davis
Tucson Arizona
writer, service dog trainer.

Debi and 3 dogs