Ben Irao, Traffic/Parking Enforcement Officer

Ben in San Franciso, CA
Meet Ben and his lovely wife. Ben is a Traffic/Parking Enforcement Officer in Northern California.
Ben Irao and his wife
Ben sent us this note:

I have worked with the Capitola Police Department for nineteen years as a Traffic/Parking Enforcement Officer. Located approximately an hour and a half south of San Francisco on the Monterey Bay, Capitola Village hugs the beach at the foot of four steep local streets. When I started out in the field back in 1985 I was using an E&J 3P with a Bounder motor and battery box conversion kit, back when it was “the sought after modification”. It was the chair I got married in! At that time, I was only able to enforce the beachfront areas of the Village. Then in 1995 I moved into a Bounder conventional tubular frame reinforced for the demands of my job. Not one single crack in its entire nine-year tour! I still use that chair to this day.

In May of this year (2004), I was blessed to upgrade to a Bounder Plus H-frame. The Super Torque 3 Motor with panther belt system is a necessity for rainy weather, especially during the winter months (no belt slippage). And of course, it enables me to cover a greater area for enforcement; I can achieve an amazing amount of hill climbing in this chair. The Bounder is truly a terrain equalizer--a sublime extension of what I am capable of doing. Life is filled with unexpected challenges, and my Bounder’s miracle design has helped me meet those obstacles head on!

P.S. Everyone raves about the rear taillights. I’m the only one who doesn’t see them!

Thank you 21st Century Scientific team for a top-of-the-line product!
Ben at work in his new Bounder
Here's Ben at work in his new H-Frame Bounder. Below is a picture of Ben writing parking tickets using his old faithful Bounder.
Ben at work in his old Bounder