Custom Aeron Seat installed on a Bounder
BOUNDER Plus Power Wheelchair with Aeron Seat

The Aeron seat is now available on the BOUNDER Plus Power Wheelchair. The Aeron seat is an ergonomic office chair that provides healthy comfort and balanced body support. When the Aeron Seat is installed on a BOUNDER Power Wheelchair base, a steel sub-frame is built to provide added strength to the Aeron back. Features of the Aeron seat include:

  • Graphite frame
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Breathable weave upholstery helps keep the wheelchair user cooler
  • Several different fabric and frame colors to choose from
  • Aeron self-supporting arms can be installed

Custom Gurney with Lifting Platform
BOUNDER Plus H-Frame power gurney with custom rear lifting platform

This BOUNDER Plus H-Frame power gurney has a 13" power seat elevator and a power rear lifting platform. The rear lifting platform lowers to 4" off the floor and raises to 2" below the gurney pan by using a toggle switch control. Custom gurney cushions can be ordered and installed. This feature is specifically designed for double amputees or persons with dwarfism allowing them to transfer easily from the floor to the gurney. When in the elevated position the lifting platform folds up and locks into place. Available for users up to 100 lb. This gurney also includes optional custom grab handles to aid in transferring, a custom oxygen bottle holder mounted to the front, a lighting package and a cup holder.

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Custom Back Mounted Power Tilt System seat tilted 
BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with back mounted tilt actuator

For users under 150 pounds:
The tilt actuator is mounted on the back of the chair so that when combined with a seat elevate system, a short base can be used.

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Steel footplates in down position  steel foot plate titled up
Custom flip-up steel footplates: much stronger than standard footplates.
Rear View Sip & Puff with head arraySip & Puff with head array

BOUNDER Plus Conventional Frame with DX Electronics
and ASL Sip & Puff Head Array

Power chin control animation Power Chin control mount
Shear Compensated recliner with Sip-n-Puff BOUNDER Plus Conventional Frame with Sliding Back Power Recline and Sip-n-Puff controls

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Leather Recaro seat, tilt and recline Leather Recaro® seat with tilt, recline and chin control
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Rear view dual oxygen holders Dual "E" Tank
Oxygen Bottle Holder

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